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Dr. Jyotindra Narayan Dr. Jyotindra Narayan
Dr. Jyotindra Narayan

Faculty VII
Digital Health with a focus on Data Science

Work experience:                

Feb 2023 -
to Present:
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Brain and Behaviour Lab, UBT

Human-Robot Interaction, Movement Restoration, Neurobehavioural Data
Data Analysis, Deep learning

Jul 2017 - 
June 2022 

Teaching Assistant    
Dep. of  ME, IIT Guwahati
Robotics, Control Theory, Engineering Mechanics, Machine Learning


Postgraduate Studies 

Jul 2017 - 
Dec 2022
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
IIT Guwahati, India 
Thesis Title: 
Robust Control Schemes of Pediatric Gait Exoskeleton System in Passive-Asssist and Active-Assist Mode
Supervisor: Prof. Santosha K. Dwivedy, Professor of ME, IITG

Jul 2015 -
June 2017

M.E. in CAD/CAM Engineering 
Thapar University, India 
Thesis Title: 
Inverse Kinematic Study of Spatial Serial Manipulators using ANFIS Approach
Supervisor: Dr. Ashish Singla, Associate Professor of ME, Thapar University (now "Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology")
Grade: CGPA: 8:25

Undergraduate Study

2010 -
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering 
BBDIT, Ghaziabad, India 
BTP Title:
Statistical Analysis of Material Consumption of 5-Speed Freewheel Manufacturing (Aug 2013 - May 2014)
Supervisor: Prof. O. P. Kaushal, Professor & Head of Department Mechanical Engineering, Babu Banarasidas Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad
Grade: Marks: 72,9%

Dr. Jyotindra Narayan

Faculty VII
Digital Health with a focus on Data Science

About current work

Jyotindra's work is in the domain of healthcare robotics and neurotechnology in combination with the use of artificial intelligence to help people with diseases. The research project will involve the development of novel technologies that involve artificial intelligence, neurobehavioural data, and means of robotic actuaction and human-robot interactions that can help ameliorate the conditions of patients. The engineering aspect of the project will be validated through interactive experiments with volunteers and potentially clinical trials with patients (end-users) that may suffer from neurological or movement disorders through a partnership with hospitals that Prof. Dr. Aldo Faisal is currently establishing. I will be associated with the Brain and Behaviour Lab at the Universität Bayreuth and the Imperial College London during this period. 

About PhD

The title of Jyotindra's PhD thesis was "Robust Control Schemes of Pediatric Gait Exoskeleton System in Passive-Assist and Active-Assist Mode." This thesis proposed a few robust contol schemes for a newly designed pediatric exoskeleton in passive-assist and active-assist rehabilitation mode. Primarily, the design and prototype development of a lower limb exoskeleton was carried out for pediatric gait rehabilitation (8-12 years, 25 - 40 kg, 115-130 cm). Two intelligent controller, i.e. robust LQR-based neural fuzzy (RLQR-NF) and Neuro-Fuzzy compensated PID (F-CPID) control schemes, were investigated for passive-assist gait tracking control. The experiments with the above control schemes were carried out with a child dummy. Thereafter, to avoid the computational complexity and improve the gait tracking, a robust adaptive backstepping (RABS) control was studied unter the presence of PPEI. The experimental validations are also carried out with a peditaric subject. Furthermore, an adaptive backstepping sliding mode-based human cooperative control (ABSM-HCC) was further extended for finite-time and fast-convergence 


Dr. Jyotindra Narayan

Faculty VII
Digital Health with a focus on Data Science

Dr. Jyotindra Narayan
Senior Research Assistant with a focus on Human Robotics/Healthcare Robotics

University of Bayreuth Campus Kulmbach

Telefon: 09221 407 1165
E-Mail: jyotindra.narayan@uni-bayreuth.de
Google Scholar: Jyotindra Narayan

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