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Chair for Digital Health - Prof. Dr. Aldo Faisal

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CreAItivity - the New Intersection of Artificial and Human Intelligence

24th of October 2023

Group Picture of the Symposia

At the Speinshart Symposium, titled "CreAItivity - the New Intersection of Artificial and Human Intelligence," international scholars and artists engaged in a profound exploration of creativity attributed to both individuals and machines. Focused primarily on the realm of music, this interdisciplinary gathering brought together neuroscientists, computer scientists, music historians, and artists worldwide.

Participants delved into the transformative capabilities of Generative AI. It was emphasized that despite its creative zeal, generative AI is fundamentally rooted in human creative outputs. This challenges conventional perspectives on creative processes like composition, writing, drawing, interpretation, and performance.​​​

“Everyone is an artist.” ​- Joseph Beuys

Drawing parallels with the prophetic words of Beuys, who envisioned artists no longer as geniuses, the symposium highlighted how contemporary insights from neuroscience unveil creativity as a multifaceted process. Unlike the traditional notion of a unique creative moment, artistic processes are now seen as complex and dynamic, warranting exploration through scientific experiments.​​​

Presentation by a Participant

Observing the evolving landscape of creativity, music historians note that technological strides bring attention to previously overlooked works of art and underrated domains like improvisation, AI voice model development, and the intersection of brain-computer interfaces. This transformative shift prompts society to reassess the role of artists and the intrinsic value of aesthetic experiences.​

Group Photo Outside
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