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Chair for Digital Health - Prof. Dr. Aldo Faisal

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Faisal Lab Opens Kulmbacher "Live-in Lab" for Holistic Human Health Research with AI

Healthier Lives through AI, 04.12.2023

The possibilities for researching human behaviour with the help of artificial intelligence are being taken to the next level in Kulmbach: The Kulmbach Live-in Lab is Europe's leading laboratory for digital, AI-supported research of human behaviour in everyday life. Now it's been opened.

In two apartments in Kulmbach, a unique research environment has been created that makes it possible to study everyday human actions such as cooking, eating, learning, cleaning, and interacting with other people and to analyze them with the help of artificial intelligence. The innovative approach uses Realsense Cameras and intelligent body sensors to collect movement data and detect movement patterns. The collection of data in Kulmbach is not limited to a specific action, as in previous research, but captures the entire spectrum of human behavior in a completely natural and non-invasive way. The technology equipment of the Live-in Lab includes depth cameras, Realsense Cameras, radar sensors, wearable sensors on the body, eye-tracking glasses, and continuous EMG & EEG measurements. These technologies are used to collect behavioural and health-relevant data, for example, to identify the intentions of the subject and then digitally support them, but also to understand how small changes in everyday life can lead to improvements in health. Long-term records will make it possible to make certain medical prognoses and to improve the prevention and rehabilitation of diseases. Findings for the integration of neuroscience and machine learning into healthcare are expected as well as findings for simple assistive and home technologies, which can be tested and optimized here.

In the Live-in Lab, participants are monitored by sensors and cameras over several hours or days, so that conclusions can be drawn about their behavior. The collected data can be displayed and processed on laptops.


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